Duke Üniversitesi Öğrencileri Destek Bekliyor!

Geçtiğimiz günlerde ABD'deki Duke Üniversitesi'nde bulunan ve Time Capsule To Mars projesini gerçekleştiren proje yöneticisileriyle kurduğum iletişim ile üniversite öğrencilerinin ve yetkililerin Mars'a araç gönderme projelerinden haberder oldum. Bu bağlamda Duke Üniversitesi'nde bu projeden görevli olan öğrenciler dünyanın dört bir yanından destek beklediklerini dile getirdiler.

Ayrıca bu proje kapsamında yapacağınız bağışlar doğrultusunda Mars'a kendi fotoğrafınızı ve videonuzu gönderebilirsiniz.

Duke Üniversitesi'nde proje yetkililerinden bana gelen maili aynen sizlere aktarıyorum.

Time Capsule To Mars blurb

Time Capsule to Mars is a 100% student-led mission, centered at MIT’s Space Propulsion Lab, working to send the first ever CubeSat to Mars. Our vision is to unite Humanity under one Mission, with a goal of landing a “time capsule for Humanity” on the Red planet. Time Capsule to Mars aims to represent every country in the world while maximizing both the amount of new technology tested and the value of science returned.  We hope it to be the first private mission to Mars.  It will be the first interplanetary trial of ion Electrospray propulsion – a technology with a promise to reduce transport time to Mars to a mere four months. 
It will carry a digital time capsule containing media encoded with the audio, video, and photographic data of millions of people from around the world, including the human genome. Our technical teams, from the world’s leading universities (MIT, Duke, UConn, Stanford(invited), UCSC(invited), GeorgiaTech(invited)) , will bring along on the mission K-12-aged kids from all over the world, who, via the Internet, can access their own personalized Mission Control to play a role. We will virtually bring them along on the entire journey – from uploading their picture, tracing its progression though our Solar System, right up to “their” landing -- of “their own” picture -- on Mars. 
The interactive mission is designed to renew the inspirations of an old generation while introducing the next generation to the wonder of Space exploration. And on top of it all, our multi-million dollar mission expects to be the largest crowd-funded effort in history!
Since our announcement, we have had participation requests from significant national schools -- such as Yale and UMichigan -- as well as global inquiries, all the way to Ukraine, Italy, Africa and the Middle East! 
For more information, you can check out our website: 

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